Review Policy

I am open to review books from any authors and publishers.

What I like to read:
Thrillers, Crime, Britcrime, Time Travel, Paranormal, Horror. Its not an exclusive list and I will give most things ago

My reviews are honest and are my thoughts, not what publishers want me to write. They are given a star-scale rating as follows:

1 Star - Couldn't Finish
2 Stars - Finished but wouldn't recommend
3 Stars - Recommended to readers familiar with author and genre
4 Stars - Strongly recommended
5 Stars - Highly recommended

Every book I review I will post a review on all of the following websites:-

The Coffee And Kindle

At the moment the date the review will be published will be at my discretion. (purely due to my backlog, not being an arse)
I will also promote the review via Twitter.

I do not receive or want any monetary compensation for my reviews, I do it because I enjoy it.
I am willing to be part of "Blog Tours" / Giveaways.

Contact Details

Twitter:- @paulcresswell72

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